Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template

Like an espresso shot for your email list, The Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template optimizes your lead magnet’s landing page for conversions and list growth.

About This Template

What if your freebie’s landing page drew new subscribers in faster than hipsters to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? With this template, you can set it and forget it: write (or update) your conversion-focused landing page and watch the new email subscribers trickle in. 

Tailored for online entrepreneurs, it’ll help you percolate the most compelling messaging points for your lead magnet and use them to write an irresistible landing page. Your new freebie will be out in the online world in a jiffy.

What’s Included

✔️ Fill-In-The-Blanks Template

A jolt of inspiration delivered in an editable Google doc, with strategic prompts and guidance for overcoming writer’s block.

✔️ Outline Document

Hard to see the final brew from the beans? Plug your freshly written copy into this outline to see exactly how it’ll appear on the page.

✔️ Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.

✔️ BONUS Messaging Manager

A tool to help you sieve through the essential messaging for your content, ensuring your opt-in landing page copy is potent, focused, and full of flavor.

Why You Need It

You may have created the most amazing freebie ever known on the internet… but nobody is going to click that “Download” button if they don’t know just how good it is. That’s where The Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template comes in. 

This copy template is your secret recipe to writing landing page copy that clearly showcases your freebie’s value, so readers can’t wait for it to hit their inbox. The result? A landing page that consistently draws in fresh subscribers while you focus on another important aspects of your business.

☕ Rapid Brew

Boost your landing page copy in an hour or less, so you can start converting more visitors into subscribers asap.

☕ Automated Growth

With effective landing page copy, new email subscribers start flowing onto your list on autopilot.

☕ Strategic Clarity

Step-by-step instructions and strategic guidance helps you write copy as clear and captivating as your favorite brew.

☕ Quality Leads

By fine-tuning your messaging and writing clearer copy, you ensure any new subscriber is a good fit for what you do and sell.

Give your email list a caffeine boost

Steep your lead magnet in persuasive copywriting that helps you grow your email list  effortlessly. This connection-driven, conversion-focused landing page template will get you there in no time.

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