Consultation Call Sales Page Copy Template

Boost your consultation call bookings with sales copy that gives a taste of your unique expertise in every sip. (Also great for audits, Day of Voxer offers, and other intensive consults.)

About This Template

Paid consultation calls are your chance to offer clients a taste of your magic — whether it’s your ‘bread and butter’ offer or a way to upsell into more robust, long-term packages. But to convert a curious browser into a consultation client, you need to show that you understand their struggles, are equipped to solve them, and can deliver a swift, satisfying takeaway.

This sales page template is your guide to crafting copy that does just that. It’s tailored to highlight your distinct expertise, resonate with your client’s specific challenges, and underscore the quick clarity they’ll get from a call with you. (Not a fan of calls? This blend also pairs perfectly with Voxer days, audits, and other one-off intensives with a specific takeaway.)

What’s Included

✔️ Consultation Call Sales Page Template

An easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks template for brewing a rich, full-bodied sales page that tells your reader you’ve got the answers they’ve been thirsting for.

✔️ Outline Document

Hard to see the final brew from the beans? Plug your freshly written copy into this outline to see exactly how it’ll appear on the page.

✔️ Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.

✔️ BONUS Messaging Manager

Prep your key selling points and understand your audience before writing, for a smoother, more effective writing process.

Why You Need It

The customer journey for consultation call clients is pretty unique. They’re on the hunt for quick, robust solutions — and they sure as heck don’t want to waste precious time working with someone who doesn’t have the answers they crave.

This template helps you clearly showcase why you’re a trusted authority in your area of expertise and calls out the specific problems, challenges, or questions you can help solve, making that “BOOK NOW” button irresistibly tempting.

☕ Sell Your Expertise

Steep your copy in your unique knowledge and expertise, showing why YOU can help solve your clients’ problems.

☕ Set Expectations

Frame your consultation around a specific, immediate takeaway, so clients know what to expect from the experience.

☕ Call Out Challenges

Address the specific problems, challenges, or questions you help your clients address, so they know if it’s a fit.

☕ Tailored Messaging

Whip up copy that speaks directly to your perfect-fit clients’ cravings. (Did you just read their minds?!)

Ready to book more consultations?

It’s time to brew copy that has perfect-fit clients scrambling to click that “BOOK NOW” button.

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