Clients from SEO

Boost your online visibility with this mini course on SEO for service providers — no long-form content or blogging strategy necessary!

About This Template

Want a more consistent flow of clients for your service-based business or agency, without consistently churning out content? The good news is that you don’t need to blog on a weekly basis to leverage SEO for your client attraction. 

This mini course, which can be watched and implemented in just a couple of hours, shares a low-effort SEO strategy that service providers can use to improve their search engine rankings, so you can brew up more business on autopilot.

What’s Included

✔️ Clients from SEO Mini Course

A short, concise training to help your website rank better on Google, without relying on long-form content.

✔️ Keyword Research Planner (Bonus)

A tool to help you organize your keyword research and filter out those ‘sweet spot’ keywords you want to go after.

✔️ Recommend Tools (Bonus)

Steal our SEO toolkit: from our keyword research tool of choice to websites that will help you test your optimization work.

Why You Need It

As a service provider, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. You’re far too busy actually serving your clients to spend hours every single week churning out long-form content. But what if good-fit clients could find you on Google from your core website pages alone?

In this concise mini-course, founder Megan Taylor shares the exact SEO process that she’s used to help her clients and her own website rank on the first page of Google, without any blog content.

☕ Potent Strategies

Brew up a strong online presence that attracts ideal clients, even without a long-form content strategy.

☕ Overwhelm-Free Research

Learn a simple, three-step keyword research process that goes down smoother than your morning coffee.

☕ Effortless Implementation

Once you find your  "Goldilocks" keywords, learn how to optimize your website copy to rank for them.

☕ Analyze & Pivot

Learn how to measure your success and fine-tune your SEO recipe as needed.

Ready to brew up an SEO strategy for your service business?

Give your online visibility a caffeine boost in a matter of hours with “Clients from SEO”.

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