Messaging Clarity Journal

Brew more clarity into your messaging strategy with this in-depth journal, offering the ideal blend of introspection and strategic visioning. 

About This Template

Our best-selling product, we like to say that The Messaging Clarity Journal is like self-care for your business, helping you reconnect with your vision, your audience, and your unique positioning so you can confidently share your offers and magic with the world.

Based on the exact questions and framework our copywriter founder uses with 1:1 clients, you can use this journal every time you feel ready to make a big change in your business or crave more clarity in your direction and message.

With 60+ guided prompts (and plenty of writing space to reflect), this journal strategically guides you to your brand’s essence, helping you uncover the words that will support the vision you have for your business. You’ll be left with a clear messaging strategy that helps you create more connection and memorability with your copy.

What’s Included

✔️ Starting Point

Get clear on what's not currently vibing with your messaging, and step into this exercise with intention and purpose.

✔️ Your Vision

The impact and legacy you want your brand to have, and how your day-to-day work supports that vision.

✔️ Inspiration

How to inject that "wow-factor" from brands you love into your own messaging, and how to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

✔️ Brand Voice

How to inject more personality + authenticity in your content and copy so it speaks to you and your audience.

✔️Perfect-Fit Clients

Throw all of your unrealistic, non-inclusive 'ICA's out the window and get to the root of what really matters.

✔️ Brand Storytelling

How to harness the power of stories to create more connection, trust and memorability in your content and copy.

Why You Need It

Brand messaging isn't a 'one and done' kind of thing. It's not enough to craft an I help statement, pick out a handful of brand values, and then never look back. As your business grows and pivots, your messaging strategy needs to change in order to keep up.

This journal helps you do a deep dive into what makes your brand original, impactful, and magnetic, all so you can attract new opportunities, better-fit clients, deeper relationships, increased confidence, and more joy in your business.

☕ Put Your Magic in Words

Confidently state what you do, who you serve and why, so you can attract better-fit clients and pitch yourself for dream visibility opportunities with ease.

☕ Deeply Understand Your Positioning

Never second guess why someone should choose to work with you (or buy your products) over your “competition” ever again.

☕ Boost Your Copy & Content

Know where and how to update your website copy for better conversions, craft an irresistible social media bio, and more.

☕ Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter

Use copy templates with more ease and confidence, knowing you'll never sound like a cookie-cutter version of someone else

Are you ready to feel more secure in your messaging strategy?

Get cozy with the Messaging Clarity Journal and uncover the unique blend that makes your business so irresistible to perfect-fit clients.

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