Membership Sales Page Copy Template

Write a conversion-focused sales page in hours (not days) with our template concocted specifically for memberships (including group coaching programs and masterminds).

About This Template

Looking for an easier, faster way to start welcoming new members into your program? This bespoke template has you covered. A notch above generic sales page templates, it’s specifically designed to give future members a taste of what’s to come, so they want to be here for a good time and a long time.

Each prompt has been deliberately selected to help you write copy that counters objections, showcases persuasive social proof, and clearly articulates what kind of outcomes and results members can expect.

What’s Included

✔️ Sales Page Copywriting Template

Write your sales page in record time with this fill-in-the-blanks-style template, strategically formulated to showcase the tangible results your membership delivers.

✔️ Outline Document

Hard to see the final brew from the beans? Plug your freshly written copy into this outline to see exactly how it’ll appear on the page.

✔️ Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.

✔️ Messaging Manager (Bonus)

Prep your key selling points and understand your audience before writing, for a smoother, more effective writing process.

Why You Need It

You wouldn’t serve an espresso to a decaf drinker… so why use a sale page copywriting template that’s designed for courses or done-for-you services to sell your membership program?

The buying decision behind memberships is unique, and that buying journey requires equally unique messaging. This template has been tailor-made for membership programs, group coaching programs, and masterminds, tying each irresistible future to a tangible (and craveable) result.

☕ Selling That Feels Like Inviting

Write a sales page that feels like a warm, personal invitation to your program (instead of just a hard sales push).

☕ Highlight The Value

Accentuate what your members actively do, learn, and achieve, so readers get excited to join the club (and click that buy button).

☕ Gently Counter Objections

Write sales page sections that address common objections that come up with membership offers, without icky or manipulative tactics.

☕ Strategic Social Proof

Learn how to position testimonials and other forms of social proof to enhance credibility and trust.

Start welcoming new members today

We’ll help you get your membership sales page up and running in just a few hours, so you can get back to serving your community.

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