10 Modules

Welcome to Strongly Brewed Websites!

Get to know the program, choose your route, and learn my ROAST framework for website copy.

Module 1: The Write Mindset

I'm sharing my best tips for overcoming writer's block, perfectionism, and the struggle of writing about yourself.

Module 2: Give Your Website a Goal

Let's get crystal clear on the role you want your website to play in your business, so we can write copy to support your goal.

Module 5: Structure Your Copy

Before we start to write, to make the whole thing easier, let's first outline the layout of your key pages.

Module 7: Congratulations & Next Steps

You did it! Here's what to do now that your website copy is written.

Strongly Brewed Websites

Want a website that builds trust, establishes authority, and converts perfect-fit clients?

Even when you’re busy meeting deadlines, powering through your to-do list, or just living life away from your screens?

Strongly Brewed Websites gives you a professional copywriter’s secrets to writing a website that positions you as a go-to service provider and helps you book more of those clients that you love to work with.

You’re probably in one of these three situations:

1. You’ve been running your business without a website so far…

It’s been working for you, but you’re tired of hustling for leads and repeating the same copy-and-paste explanations of your services whenever someone inquires. You know it’s time to give your messaging a permanent online home.

2. Your current website isn’t converting the way you want it to…

Either you’re not getting any inquiries from potential clients at all, or you often find yourself hopping on sales calls with people who just want to pick your brain, only to ghost after you spend 45 minutes explaining your services and prices.

3. You’re making a pivot in your business & your website is outdated…

Whether you’re increasing your prices, changing up the way you deliver your services, or going after a different target market, your website copy and overall brand messaging need to come along for the ride.

Either way, you know it's time for a change.

But any copy you try to write comes out weaker than watered-down, drive-through coffee.

You wish that there was an easier and faster way to write website copy than your current reality (aka falling down the Google rabbit hole and piecing together everything you’ve learned from free copy trainings over the years.)

You would love to get your hands on something that takes all the guesswork out of writing your website. And quite frankly, you deserve it.

Every service provider could benefit from a well-written website that they’re confident in, that saves them time, and that brings more perfect-fit clients to their business on autopilot. 

And I’ve got just the thing to get you there.

Introducing Strongly Brewed Websites

A go-at-your-own-pace program that gives you everything you need to write website copy that speaks to & converts perfect-fit clients.

✔️ Overcome writer’s block, or any feelings of self-doubt or dread you currently have around copywriting
✔️ Properly define your perfect-fit client, without the pressure of having to “niche down” or focusing on unimportant things like what they order at Starbucks
✔️ Get clear on what those clients want to know before booking your services, so you can write copy that gives them that “OMG is she in my head?” feeling
✔️ Develop your magnetic messaging so you can explain the amazing value you provide for your clients (not just on your website, but across all your marketing)
✔️ Write website copy that sells FOR you, because it connects with your ideal clients and is designed to convert casual browsers into red-hot action-takers

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