VIP Day Sales Page Copy Template

Brew a high-impact sales page for your VIP Day or Intensive that hooks your ideal client, showcases the robustness of your offer, and stirs up action.

About This Template

An offer as unique and transformative as a VIP Day deserves so much more than a one-size-fits-all sales page template. This copy template was created specifically for service providers and coaches selling an intensive-like offer, emphasizing its concentrated dose and your ideal client’s distinct palate.

Curated to speak directly to your busy prospective client, this template helps you cut through the noise, get to the point quickly, and serve up your offer’s most enticing details upfront.

What’s Included

✔️ VIP Day Sales Page Template

A carefully-ground, fill-in-the-blanks blueprint for brewing a potent sales page that puts the unique value of your intensive offer front and center.

✔️ Outline Document

Hard to see the final brew from the beans? Plug your freshly written copy into this outline to see exactly how it’ll appear on the page.

✔️ Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.

✔️ BONUS Messaging Manager

Prep your key selling points and understand your audience before writing, for a smoother, more effective writing process.

Why You Need It

In today’s on-demand world, your ideal clients are looking for high-value solutions that provide a quicker fix than their morning espresso. They’re busy, and they don’t have time to sift through a lengthy sales page or jump through hoops to get in touch.

Our VIP Day Sales Page Copy Template helps you write a streamlined, targeted page that respects your client’s time, speaks directly to their refined tastes, and positions your offer as the ideal solution.

☕ Quickly-Served Info

Help your client quickly find the information they need to make a decision, with a focus on crucial details upfront.

☕ Clear Directions

Multiple, strategically-placed call to actions ensure your clients know exactly how to move forward when they're ready.

☕ Offer-Specific

Avoid the most common positioning traps for VIP Days and intensives and place the focus on your signature brew (aka why they should pick YOU).

☕ Espresso-Like Efficiency

Get your VIP Day offer out into the world (and selling) in no time, so you can focus on serving your new clients.

A quick-fix solution for selling your quick-fix offer

Let our VIP Day Sales Page Copy Template guide you in crafting a full-bodied page that showcases your distinct flavor and whets your clients' appetite for an immersive day of results with you.

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