Webinar Copy Template Bundle

Webinar Copy Template Bundle

About the Template Bundle

This bundle is the perfect set of Copy Templates for business owners who want to use a webinar as part of their pre-launch or evergreen sales strategy. 

The Webinar Copy Template Bundle includes everything you need to convert browsers into registrants and to encourage them to show up: a webinar landing page template, a post-registration thank you page template, a confirmation email template, PLUS exclusive bonuses.

Who it’s for

Online entrepreneurs (service providers, coaches, and digital product sellers) who are ready to:

  • Offer their first free webinar, or get more registrations for an existing webinar
  • Build trust among cold audiences when promoting their webinar (e.g. Facebook ads, affiliate promo)
  • Ensure webinar registrants don’t simply disappear into the internet void after signing up
  • Boost the show-up rate for their free webinar, masterclass, or workshop

What’s included

Three Mad-Libs-style, zero-fluff Copy Templates delivered in editable Google docs, plus a series of bonuses to help you optimize your webinar landing page for more conversions:

  • Webinar Landing Page Template optimized to build trust and increase registrations
  • Webinar Thank You Page Template to help you point your new registrants in the right direction
  • Webinar Confirmation Email Template to help ensure your registrants actually show up for your webinar, regardless of whether it’s live, pre-recorded, or on-demand
  • Video walkthrough showing you exactly how to use your new templates and customize them for your webinar topic + audience
  • BONUS Webinar Name Formulas to help you come up with the most compelling and high-converting name for your event
  • BONUS Done-for-You Webinar Landing Swipe File so you can see how other online entrepreneurs are marketing and positioning their webinars
  • BONUS Tutorial showing you how to generate a link that allows registrants to effortlessly add your webinar to their own Google Calendar
  • BONUS Workbook, to get you to think strategically about why your webinar is worth attending and what messaging you’ll use in its promotion

*Each template in The Copy Template Shop is designed so that you can simply dive in and get straight to work! But, if you’re new to copywriting or need a little extra guidance, you’ll also get a BONUS video training and workbook to guide you through the writing process.


After using the Elevated Email List Bundle, you'll be able to:

  • Get your new webinar up and running FAST, so you can get back to the rest of your pre-launch planning or serving your clients
  • Boost your conversion rate on your webinar landing page, so more page visitors end up becoming email subscribers + attendees
  • Encourage registrants to show up to your webinar so you can close more sales
  • Have rinse-and-repeat copy that you can use on social media or other marketing platforms to promote your webinar

4 Modules


Click here to access your templates and webinar name formulas


Click here to download your accompanying messaging workbook

BONUS Tutorial: Google Calendar Link

Create a link that allows registrants to add your webinar to their Google Calendar

BONUS Swipe File

See how other online entrepreneurs are promoting their webinars

Modules for this product 4
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