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Day 4: Client-Converting Websites

Discover the role a strategic, well-written website can play in helping you attract and convert perfect-fit clients.

Your Booked Out Year 2024 - Extended Access Pass

Fill your 2024 calendar with dream clients and passion projects — without feeling overwhelmed or overworked.


Finally — an event that’s focused on helping solo service providers

As service providers, we only have so much time to actually work on our business instead of in our business. (Because, you know, we’ve got clients to serve.)

That’s why Your Booked Out Year isn’t another summit where you’re going to learn time-consuming, mass-number based marketing strategies like list building, Facebook group funnels, or how to go viral on TikTok.

Instead, you’re going to learn strategies that help you sell your services to the people you want to work with, in ways that feel good to you. It’s that simple. 

Topics Covered:

DAY ONE: Leading With a Vision

  • Strategies for Increasing Revenue as a Solo Business Owner with Maggie Patterson
  • Create the Conditions for Reliable Client Success with Carly Jo Bell
  • VIP Days 10 Different Ways with Sarah Masci
  • Profitable AF with Jo Simpson
  • 3 Tax Myths – Ignoring the over-hyped tax savings myths that could be costing you more with Braden Drake
  • Who IS Your Dream Client, Anyways? with Megan Taylor

DAY TWO: Attracting Perfect-Fit Leads

  • 3 Mini Stories for Showing up as Your Whole Self with Danbee Shin
  • 9-Grid Goodness: Unlocking the hidden potential of the Instagram 9-Grid with Lizzie Mattson
  • How to Leverage SEO as a Service Provider to Get Found on Google by Good-Fit Clients with Mariah Magazine
  • How to Make Content Marketing Only 10% of Your CEO Activity with Jamar Diggs
  • Collaboration Catalyst: Booked Out Without Burning Out (Alone) with Jenn Zellers
  • Video Profit Formula™: How to create your personal YouTube cash machine with the 3 part ATM Framework™ with Gulce Onganer
  • Simple & Easy Ways to More Organic Referrals with Zoe Linda

DAY THREE: Converting Leads Into Clients

  • How to Get into Your Ideal Clients’ DM and Turn Them into Warm Leads on LinkedIn with Heidi Medina
  • A Converting SLO Funnel for Service Based Businesses with Emilia Farrace
  • Onboard Your Clients with Ease: The Magic of Automated Workflows with Colie James
  • How to Create Content That Converts as an Introverted Service Provider with Tara Reid
  • From Just a URL to Your 24/7 Sales Sidekick: How to “Out of Office Proof” Your Website with Amanda Hollander
  • 10 Unusual Ways Service Providers Can Book More Ideal Clients with Sage Grayson
  • Being Unapologetically Salesy as a Service Provider with Sandra van der Lee

DAY FOUR: Client-Converting Websites

  • Book More, Better-Fit Clients with a Strongly Brewed Website with Megan Taylor

PLUS these bonus trainings:

  • A service provider's pitch that won me over
  • My favorite low-energy marketing activities
  • Let's talk visibility
  • How I grew my service-based business
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