FREE Brand Values Mini-Training

FREE Brand Values Mini-Training

Brand values like “quality”, “integrity” and “passion” don’t serve you or your audience. If you really want to connect with your dream clients online, you need heart-centered values that relate to the amazing experience you deliver.

In this mini-training, you’ll learn how to come up with brand values that connect with the heart + soul of your business, and how to use them in your ongoing marketing + messaging to connect with your dream clients online. 

You'll get my Ultimate List of 200 Brand Values PLUS a 15-minute audio training on How to Define Your Brand Values + Use Them in Your Marketing & Messaging.

Even if you've established your brand values before, it's always a great idea to revisit them once or twice a year to ensure you're running + growing your business in a way that truly aligns with your vision and outlook on the world. 


Why defining the right brand values is key to easier, more strategic business decision-making and connecting with your dream clients online (& saying goodbye to those not-so-ideal clients)

How to identify heart-centered brand values for your online business that reflect the unique experience you provide for your clients

✔ How to choose specific brand values, and why it’s crucial to get specific if you really want to stand out from your competitors

✔ How to use brand values in your marketing to drive more connection, including on social media and in your web content

Ready to create brand values that help you attract dream clients for your online business? Click here to sign up + get immediate access to your mini-training.

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